DNX - Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

DNX integrates LoRaWAN™ with the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub. This integration simplifies the use of LoRaWAN™ Services in a Microsoft Azure environment.   

Azure IoT Hub

Azure IoT Hub helps the customer manage the interaction between the devices and the server part of the solution. The purpose of the solution is to establish reliable, bi-directional communication routes in a control system, e.g. between IoT Hub and devices.


The IoT Hub integration simplifies both management and communication with LoRa® devices. Via the IoT Hub SDK, the customer/partner can easily receive and send data from/to the LoRa® devices. The administrator can easily manage their LoRa® devices via Microsoft standard IoT Hub tools, or they can build their own tool with the IoT Hub SDK.

Network Management

Managing and operating IoT and radio networks for robust and guaranteed functionality.

A simple, safe and secure way to grow into IoT.


Network and service monitoring, deviation management and network operations

Control of base stations, connection and extension of geographic coverage

Continuous quality development for network operation with Machine Learning

Data Management

Collection, storage and normalization of data 24/7. Monitoring data communication of IoT devices on the field and handling deviations.


Data is handled encrypted (AES 128) and with security keys

The transfer is asynchronous and buffered to the customer

Data is transmitted normalized and with metadata

Device Management

Handling and managing distributed IoT devices on the field. Including monitoring and reporting of discrepancies.

Activation, deployment and disabling of devices

Handling control commands to control device

Remotely change device configuration

Handling software update of devices

DNX Auto Configuration Server

DNX Auto Configuration Server (ACS) is an open solution that allows DNX to monitor and manage mobile and fixed devices across all networks (including xDSL, LTE; HFC and FTTx).

DNX ACS guarantees robust and safe operation, as well as taking care of your smart devices 24/7, no matter where in the world they are.

By using protocols such as SNMP, TR-069 and OMA-DM, DNX enables greater insight into the subscriber network that provides you with:

Secure delivery of status reports for preventive support

Improved quality of experience (QoE) for users

Higher quality of service (QoS)