Private for LoRaWAN™

Do you want a private IoT solution with customized radio coverage at a low cost without vendor lock-in? Then we can help you implement and manage your LPWAN network and give you the opportunity to become part of DNX for LoRaWAN™ Service with revenue sharing.

Do you have a variety of M2M systems today from different vendors that do not communicate with each other? Then we have the option Private for LoRaWAN™. Use the benefits of the open  LoRaWAN™ standard system with a wide range of hardware and software products, instead of proprietary vendor technology.

As customer you build and own your own private  LoRaWAN™ hardware, DNX will monitor and manage your network in accordance with agreed Service Levels (SLA) and your Quality Assurance plan (QA).  You also have the opportunity to offer available network capacity to other customers via DNX Services and partners.

DNX manages the LoRaWAN™ service and provides its partner network for hardware, system integration and analytics services. Together with us, you can manage multiple IoT solutions in many different segments and applications in one instance.

Please contact DNX for more information or one of our partners for a demonstration.

DNX offers network management, device management, monitoring and management of data communication in your LoRaWAN™ as a subscription service based on geographic coverage and data consumption. Contact us for more information. 

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