OEM for LoRaWAN™


OEM for LoRaWAN™

Offer your customers the most cost effective IoT solution with your own brand. At the same time, you will benefit from a partner network for value added services.

Do you have customers today, asking for IoT solutions? If you want to complement your products or services with one of the most cost-effective Low Power Wide Area Networks, we have the solution for you: OEM for LoRaWAN™.

DNX implement, monitor and manage "your" LoRaWAN™ Service. Let us know where you want LoRa® radio coverage, your SLA requirements and specific customer requests. DNX can help you add IoT value to your offerings for existing and new customers.

DNX provides both the technical solution and its partner network. Together with our partners, you can offer your customers IoT solutions in many different segments and applications.

Please contact one of our partners for more information or for a demonstration.

DNX offers OEM for LoRaWAN™ as a subscription service based on geographic coverage and data consumption. Contact us for more information.

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