Implementation of IoT Solutions

Digital Nordix (DNX) is an experienced implementor of full-stack IoT Solutions, taking into account hardware sensors/gateway, radio technology, backend system analytics/visualization and IoT-Security.

The technical challenges are many working cross border, hardware requirements, software/analytics, edge/cloud computing and real time management of wireless devices. Traditional technical consultants have long lost touch of what is happening, how different challenges can be a solution and/or drastically weaken functionality and security.

DNX focus is on wireless IoT solutions, we know what is happening, we know the pros and cons of different parts and how it all fits together. We ensure that the final IoT solution is functional and secure not only her and now but is future proof and operational on a global scale.

DNX helps industrial companies, smart cities and OEMs to implement IoT Solutions, taking into account business objectives, user acceptance, cost and IoT security from start to finish

DNX works closely with system integrators and software companies in implementing wireless IoT solutions for end-to-end customer solutions to enhance functionality, ensure scalability with global rollout and controlled cost.

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