Independent Advisor

Digital Nordix (DNX) is an Independent Advisor to end-users, buyers, and hardware/software suppliers of IoT Solutions.

The technical development within micro components, radio connectivity and data analytics is moving incredible fast, making IoT solutions complex and in a constant flux. Traditional technical consultants have long lost touch of what is happening, how different technologies can enhance a solution or drastically reduce robustness and security.

DNX focus is on wireless IoT solutions, we know what is happening, we know how different technologies fit together and we fully understand how to build and operate robust and secure IoT solutions.

DNX advices industry leaders, public sector organizations and government officials in how to plan and implement IoT Solutions, taking into account user acceptance, cost optimization and IoT security from start to finish

DNX is an advisor to global hardware companies in implementing new wireless IoT radio connectivity into their product portfolios. This to enhance functionality, improve customer experience and speed up time-to-market.

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