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DNX enabling Smart IoT

Digital Nordix is a Managed Network Service Provider for IoT. The Services are based on unlicensed LPWAN connectity standards such as LoRaWAN™ and BLE. DNX's focus is to ensure a robust and customizable wireless connectivity for IoT. Unlike other IoT providers, DNX works closely with independent partners to provide Customization and System integration for best possible IoT solution.

Our Managed Network Services are divided into; Device Management, Data Management and Network Management (see more info below). As a partner, we manage our customers LoRaWAN™/BLE networks worldwide. Unlike GSM networks and LANs, LoRa® networks are developed directly for IoT solutions with small data ranges, long range (city/regional network), 2-way communication, very low power consumption (battery life 10-15 years) and low installation/operating costs.

Digital Nordix is a Microsoft IoT Partner and DNX for LoRaWAN™/BLE services are easily integrated with Microsoft Azure via Service Bus, Event Hub and IoT Hub for customer specific interface. This makes it easy for Microsoft Partners to get a quick start and add their professional services such as visualization, analysis and optimization.

Read more about LoRa Alliance™, our partners or contact us for more information.

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