About DNX

Digital Nordix (DNX) is an Independent Advisor and Managed Service Partner of wireless IoT connectivity for both end-users, buyers, and hardware/software suppliers.

DNX has a vast experience of industrial and public IoT projects where we advise senior management and board members on how IoT is used to achieve business goals (KPIs).

DNX has a broad insight into what works, how it works and how to implement.
• IoT needs to be business driven not IT driven to be sustainably successful.
• IoT needs to consider hardware, connectivity and storage, analytics, visualization.
• IoT needs to be accepted by the users but driven by top senior management.

DNX has a large network of knowledge partners regarding hardware (gateways/sensors /modules), software (BI/ML/AI), system Integrators (SI), mobile operators (4G/5G) and wireless connectivity partners (LoRaWAN, BLE, WiFi, UWB, ….)

DNX is a Swedish company established 2016, HQ based in Stockholm and technology DevOps in Luleå.

DNX vision


DNX will be the best partner for customers with wireless IoT solutions.