About DNX

Digital Nordix is a Managed Network Service Provider for IoT, based on LPWAN connectivity standards such as LoRaWAN™ and BLEDNX focus is to ensure a robust and agile IoT wireless connectivity based on open standards. Unlike other connectivity providers, DNX works closely with independent partners to ensure that customers get the best possible overall solution.


DNX has a partner network of Business Intelligence (BI) and System Integrators (SI) companies for customer specific visualization, analytics and process optimization, as well as a large number of LoRa® hardware suppliers. The partner network also includes of business consultancy companies specializing in digital transformation projects.


Digital Nordix is a Swedish company based in Stockholm and technology DevOps in Luleå. We handle  customers LoRaWAN™ and BLE networks and devices wherever they are worldwide. We are a Microsoft IoT Partner and our DNX services are easily integrated with Microsoft Azure for example Service Bus, Event Hub and IoT Hub.

DNX vision


Digital Nordix will be the best IoT/LoRaWAN™/BLE Managed Network Service Provider wherever the customer needs to be.