DNX integrates with OPC that enables the use of LoRa® sensor data in an OPC environment.



Already in 1995, OPC (OLE for Process Control) was developed by a number of automotive industry players together with Microsoft. Over the next ten years, OPC became the most useful way of communicating in automation for all types of industry.



Customers with existing OPC systems can easily access LoRa® technology. Their existing OPC infrastructure can be supplemented with data or control of/from wireless LoRa® devices without the customer need to invest in any new systems.

Network Management


Managing and operating IoT and radio networks for robust and guaranteed functionality.

A simple, safe and secure way to grow into IoT.

  • Network and service monitoring, deviation management and network operations
  • Control of base stations, connection and extension of geographic coverage
  • Continuous quality development for network operation with Machine Learning

Data Management


Collection, storage and normalization of data 24/7. Monitoring data communication of IoT devices on the field and handling deviations.

  • Data is handled encrypted (AES 128) and with security keys
  • The transfer is asynchronous and buffered to the customer
  • Data is transmitted normalized and with metadata

Device Management


Handling and managing distributed IoT devices on the field. Including monitoring and reporting of discrepancies.


  • Activation, deployment and disabling of devices
  • Handling control commands to control device
  • Remotely change device configuration
  • Handling software update of devices

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