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DNX for LoRaWAN™


Digital Nordix is an IoT/LoRaWAN™ operator that provides LoRa® network subscription services for IoT solutions. DNX's focus is to ensure a robust and customizable wireless IoT network. Unlike other IoT providers, DNX works closely with independent partners to provide Customization and System integration for best possible IoT solution.


Our LoRa® network services are divided into; Device Management, Data Management and Network Management (see more info below). As a partner, we manage our own and customers LoRa® networks worldwide. Unlike GSM networks and LANs, LoRa® networks are developed directly for IoT solutions with small data ranges, long range (city/regional network), 2-way communication, very low power consumption (battery life 10-15 years) and low installation/operating costs.


Digital Nordix is a Microsoft IoT Partner and DNX for LoRaWAN™ services are easily integrated with Microsoft Azure via Service Bus, Event Hub and IoT Hub for customer specific interface. This makes it easy for Microsoft Partners to get a quick start and add their professional services such as visualization, analysis and optimization.


Read more about LoRa Alliance™, our partners or contact us for more information.

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